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More than a gym, WEBOX is a tight-knit community of boxers and fitness fanatics pushing each other to new heights. Our expert coaches build skills while our motivational culture inspires PRs. Join our crew and transform your body and mindset surrounded by supportive friends-for-life. This is your home away from home.


  • Monthly 1-on-1 Privates from

    1 049R
    Every month
    Perfect for those looking for individual attention to take their boxing to the next level
     1 day free trial
    • 4 - 12 Private Sessions in a Month (Based on Memebership*)
    • Unlimited Group Class for a Month
    • Access to Weights
  • Best Value

    Group Sessions from

    Every month
    Our class series incorporate every aspect of training camp, from boxing technique to recovery
     1 day free trial
    • Unlimited group classes
    • Access to Gym
    • Bring a friend once a month
  • 2-on-1 Private Sessions from

    Every month
    It's just You, your partner and Trainer. For those needing the gym partner
     1 day free trial
    • from 4- 12 privates a month based on contract*
    • Unlimited group classes
    • Unlimited Access to Gym
  • Boxfit 3 from

    Every month
    3 group classes per week
     1 day free trial
    • Group classes with high intensity workouts
  • Kid classes From

    Every month
    Tuesday, Thursday at 4pm and Saturday at 8am
     1 day free trial
    • Functional boxing workouts (7-14 Years)
  • Amateur Boxing classes From

    Every month
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am
     1 day free trial
    • We will assist you to become a professional fighter

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